Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

A statement released by the ECR Group Co-Chairs following Bureau meeting on Wednesday, 10th November:

“Against the background of the recent political developments, the ECR Group reaffirms its commitment to the Prague Declaration and the ECR Statement on the Reform of the European Union.

We are Europe’s conservative voice and one of the main political force in the European Parliament fighting for a deep reform of the European institutions and increased transparency, accountability and respect for subsidiarity in Brussels’ relationship with the governments and the citizens of Europe.

The principles and values of the Prague Declaration are reflected in the work we have carried out in the European Parliament over the last 12 years and in the partnerships we have chosen to build.

In view of the 2024 elections, we hope for greater cooperation in the second half of this legislature with the Political Groups alongside whom we fight common battles. We confirm the clear will to keep the ECR group united and to strengthen it in the remainder of this mandate.

We are committed to working together on the issues that define us and to reaching consensus for a real change in Europe. We will therefore start working towards the expansion of the ECR Group by opening a dialogue with like-minded national delegations, starting with the Fidesz Delegation in the European Parliament.

The ECR is here to stay. We will continue to be Europe’s conservative voice, to fight for a strong, united Europe of proud nations, and to grow in a coherent manner.”

Source – ECR (via email)

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