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17 February 2022

ECR MEP Kosma Złotowski’s own-initiative report that draws attention to barriers which hamper the development of the single market and which affect both businesses and consumers has been adopted.

The European Parliament has called on the Commission to finally take action against the many non-tariff and non-tax barriers that still persist in the single market. The report stresses, among other things, that the effective implementation of the Green Deal policy relies mainly on the proper functioning of the common market. Hence, its problems deserve the same level of attention as the Green Deal itself.

“We call on the Commission to effectively fight protectionism and actively remove obstacles to the free flow of goods and services, including in the digital sphere. A single market free of unnecessary barriers is the best guarantee for a rapid recovery of the European economy after the pandemic”, Rapporteur Złotowski said.

After the announcement of results this morning, Mr Złotowski added:

“The single market is the backbone of the European Union, and free trade and free movement of services are the most important sources of European prosperity and economic growth. Unfortunately, fear of dynamic competition leads the richest Member States to close their economies to foreign companies.

“Unnecessary and often burdensome controls as well as costly and excessive administrative requirements are examples of barriers that small and medium sized companies have to face when operating cross-border.

“In recent years, the effects of Western protectionism have affected most strongly transport companies from Central and Eastern Europe, but other sectors have experienced similar discrimination.”

Source – ECR

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