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19 October 2021

The Council today adopted conclusions inviting the EU and member states to further develop the EU cybersecurity crisis management framework, including by exploring the potential of a joint cyber unit.

In its conclusions, the Council emphasises the need to consolidate existing networks and to establish a mapping of possible information sharing gaps and needs within and across cyber communities. This should subsequently lead to an agreement on possible primary objectives and priorities of a potential joint cyber unit. It is an incremental, transparent and inclusive process which is essential to enhance trust. The Council has an instrumental role in the policy-making and coordination function regarding the further development of the EU cybersecurity crisis management framework and will monitor the progress and provide guidance for complementing this framework.

The Council also stresses the need to establish adequate working methods and governance to allow for the participation of all member states in the deliberations, development and effective decision-making processes. A potential joint cyber unit would need to respect the competences, mandates and legal powers of its possible future participants and any participation by member states would be of a voluntary nature.

The Council calls for further reflection on individual elements of the recommendation on the joint cyber unit, including regarding the ideas of EU cybersecurity rapid reaction teams and an EU cybersecurity incident and crisis response plan.


On 23 June, the European Commission presented a recommendation on building a joint cyber unit to tackle the rising number of serious cyber incidents impacting public services, businesses and citizens across the EU. Under this recommendation, the joint cyber unit would act as a platform bringing together resources and expertise from the different cyber communities in the EU and its member states to effectively prevent, deter and respond to mass cyber incidents.

Source – EU Council: Visit the meeting page
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