Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The Council today approved conclusions welcoming the upcoming sixth review conference of the convention on prohibitions or restrictions on the use of certain conventional weapons which may be deemed to be excessively injurious or have indiscriminate effects (CCW). The review conference will take place in Geneva from 13-17 December 2021.

The United Nations’ CCW convention is a key instrument of international humanitarian law, and contributes as such to preventing and reducing the suffering of both civilians and combatants.

The EU emphasises the importance of promoting the universalisation of the CCW convention and its protocols, and stresses that the review conference is an opportunity to strengthen the implementation of the convention, keep it responsive to new developments, and ensure its financial and organisational robustness.

To that end, the EU will provide financial support of EUR 1.6 million over two years for the strengthening, implementation and universalisation of the CCW.

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