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Brussels, 11 November 2022

Today, the CAP strategic plans for Estonia and Latvia, respectively worth €1.4 billion and €2.4 billion, were approved by the Commission. The two plans represent a budget of €3.8 billion, including €1.1 billion dedicated to environmental and climate objectives and eco-schemes, and €88 million for young farmers. Estonia will earmark about 45% of its CAP plan’s total funding to help stabilise the income of farmers and rural businesses. Regarding its environmental priorities, the Estonian plan will use around €456 million of its total CAP budget to support environmental and climate objectives, focusing on carbon sequestration, biodiversity and valuable grasslands, as well as increasing knowledge about sustainable production. Estonia expects to create 1250 new rural jobs through CAP supported projects. Latvia will earmark around 14% of its direct payments budget for coupled income support to support sectors undergoing difficulties. The dairy, bovine, cereals and oilseeds and fruit and vegetable sectors will benefit from it. Latvia’s plan sets high targets for environmental and climate actions. Focus will be put on climate change mitigation, pollution reduction, biodiversity conservation and sustainable forestry. Latvia has also prioritised the improvement of its knowledge and innovation system in the agricultural sector with 23,000 persons receiving advice and training supported by the CAP. The new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), set to start on 1 January 2023, is designed to shape the transition to a sustainable, resilient and modern European agricultural sector. The CAP will benefit from €270 billion in funding for the 2023-2027 period. More information on each plan as well as the breakdown of their CAP budget is available in the “at a glance” documents and more information are available online. 

Source – EU Commission

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