Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

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Parliament will pay tribute to President Sassoli on Monday 

MEPs will honour President David Sassoli in a ceremony at the start of Monday’s plenary session at 18.00 in Strasbourg.


Election of the new President of the European Parliament 

On Tuesday, Parliament will choose its President for the second half of the legislative term.


The new Parliament Bureau: electing Vice-Presidents and Quaestors 

The European Parliament is set to elect its 14 Vice-Presidents and five Quaestors on Tuesday and Wednesday.


President Macron to present the priorities of France’s EU Presidency 

On Wednesday, MEPs will discuss with French President Emmanuel Macron the political strategy and aims of France’s six-month helm of the EU.


Digital Services Act: regulating platforms to ensure a safer online space 

Parliament will vote on its position on the Digital Services Act, which sets out rules to tackle illegal content online and make platforms accountable for their algorithms.


Health Union: a stronger role for the EU’s medicines regulator 

On Wednesday, Parliament is expected to endorse the provisional agreement on increasing the powers of the European Medicines Agency.


MEPs want governments to protect animals better during transport 

On Thursday, MEPs will debate and vote on how to improve animal welfare during transport, control live animal exports more effectively and limit the transport of young animals.


MEPs to debate results of EU December summit with Charles Michel 

On Wednesday afternoon, MEPs will discuss with European Council President Charles Michel and the Commission the outcome of the 16 December summit.


Court of Auditors: Parliament to vote on four candidates 

MEPs will vote on whether to extend the mandates of Czech, Latvian and Polish members of the European Court of Auditors and whether to endorse the new Slovenian candidate.


Empowering European youth for their post-pandemic recovery 

MEPs will debate with the Commission and Council ways to address the devastating effect of the COVID-19 crisis on young Europeans’ employment and education.


Resolutions on human rights and democracy 

Parliament will hold urgent debates on the following human rights, democracy and rule of law topics on Wednesday evening, followed by votes later the same day.


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