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The meeting of high-level figures involved in the AsterX 2022 exercise will be held on 4 March 2022 in three parts: a ministerial session with a working lunch on the defence and space packages, a session for Chiefs of Staff of air forces and space commanders, with round tables on the strategic context and capacity-building and a joint session with a round table of defence ministers in the presence of the other participants.

The use of the exo-atmosphere is undergoing a commercial, industrial and geostrategic revolution, in which Europe must take part given the large number of challenges that it faces, particularly in security. The security, defence and economic prosperity of Europe therefore depends increasingly on space. In this context, the meeting of high-level figures involved in the AsterX 2022 exercise will allow for in-depth discussions on the strategic context, the level of EU ambition in the space sector, and EU initiatives contributing to space security and defence for Europe.

European initiatives

The name AsterX was not chosen at random. It refers to the first French satellite launched by the Diamant rocket in 1965. The AsterX 2022 exercise will be a major event, where the High Representative and the European Commission will present European initiatives in defence and space to the EU defence ministers, with a particular focus on the secure connectivity constellation, space traffic management and the EU’s future space strategy for security and defence. The European Union defence ministers will be invited to share their views on these various initiatives.

Strategic context and level of ambition

Representatives of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the European Union and the political and military community will be invited to debate the strategic context, cooperation opportunities and capacity requirements, in the presence of the senior military authorities of the Member States and partner countries. This session will be concluded by a final round table with the High Representative, the Commission and the EU defence ministers.

Without mastery of space, there can be no strategic or military sovereignty. From controlling communication networks and data exchanges to observing the movements of armed forces across the planet, the space field has become one of today’s new theatres of conflict.

— Emmanuel Macron, French President

Source – French EU Presidency

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