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Brussels, 19 May 2023

Internal market and industry, 22 May 2023

On the first day, the ministers are expected to adopt the general approach for the regulation establishing a framework for setting ecodesign requirements for sustainable products. The aim of the proposal is to make sustainable products the norm in the EU. It addresses product design, setting new requirements to make products more durable, reliable, reusable, upgradable, reparable, easier to maintain, refurbish and recycle, and energy and resource-efficient.

Long term competitiveness

Ministers will hold the exchange of views on long-term competitiveness communication that the Commission presented on 20 March. This is the main debate of the day, with the intervention of all the ministers. The Communication of the Commission proposes measures to close the gap in productivity between EU economy and its global competitors in areas like innovation, production, and implementation of most advanced technologies.

Single market at 30 and beyond

During the lunch, the ministers will discuss communication ‘Single Market at 30’ that the Commission presented on 16 March. The communication looks at the achievements of the single market, created in 1993, and the opportunities of its untapped potential which is estimated at €713 billion to the economy by the end of 2029.

Critical Raw Materials Act

The afternoon session will start with the policy debate on critical raw materials act, in public session. The aim of this communication, presented by the Commission on 17 March, is ensuring secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials (CRMs) to achieve the green and digital transitions but also to secure the necessary capabilities in the defense, space sectors. It is based in three pillars:

  • developing the critical raw materials value chain in the EU
  • boosting the diversification of supply, and
  • fostering sustainable sourcing and promoting circularity
Other topics on the agenda
  • information point on the Unitary Patent Court System and the Single Market at 30, followed by a celebration ceremony for the entry into force of the Unitary Patent System with invited personalities
  • information point on the review of the EU legislation on design protection
  • presentation of its work programme by the incoming Spanish Presidency
  • Net Zero Industry Act
Research, 23 May 2023 (morning)
Scholarly Publishing

The first point in their agenda is the adoption of Council Conclusions on scholarly publishing. Access to scholarly publications is one of the core elements of an open science system. These conclusions are a top priority for the Swedish Presidency in the field of research.

Knowledge security

Ministers will hold a policy debate on knowledge security and responsible internationalisation. On one hand, knowledge security ensures how open research environments can be protected from any form of malicious activity. This has become more significant than ever due to new geopolitical tensions and challenges. Responsible internationalisation refers to the process of fostering global cooperation in a way that promotes the sharing of knowledge and expertise, while safeguarding the EU’s interests and values.

During the informal lunch, ministers responsible for research will be discussing science denial.

Space, 23 May (afternoon)
Fair and sustainable use of space

The Council will adopt conclusions on ‘Fair and sustainable use of space’ which recall that space orbits are rapidly becoming congested due to the increasing amount of space objects and reiterate the importance of an EU approach on space traffic management, as the safety, security and sustainability are essential to achieve a fair and sustainable use of space.

EU Space Policy in a New Geopolitical Landscape

Ministers will hold a policy debate on the opportunities of the so-called New Space (the use of more orbits by a number of different actors, including non-governmental) but also with the vulnerabilities of a significant dependency on space-based services and the threats of intentionally hostile activities.

The Commission and the HRVP presented a joint communication on the European Union Space Strategy for Security and Defence, on 10 March 2023. Ministers will discuss the influence of the EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence influence on the implementation of the current Space Programmes and the synergies that could be obtained while safeguarding the space programmes’ policy objectives.

Finally, ministers will be informed, non-public, on the work programme of the incoming Presidency.

Other topics on the agenda
  • information point by the Commission on the Seal of Excellence
  • candidature of Rome to host the Expo 2030
  • Presentation of the work programme of the incoming Spanish Presidency of the Council

Source – EU Council

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