Fri. Dec 8th, 2023



French Government on the election results in Poland

Poland’s parliamentary elections saw an unprecedented voter turnout, attesting to the Polish people’s commitment to democratic values. France will be pleased to work with the future Polish government to continue strengthening the partnership between our two countries, our economic relations, particularly in the area of energy, and exchanges between civil society in both countries.

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A French-German roadmap for the Capital Markets Union

The Capital Markets Union agenda is a cornerstone initiative in our collective efforts to promote the EU’s strategic autonomy in an open economy, global competitiveness and capital-market based financing of our economy. The adoption of the 2020 CMU agenda has been a milestone in this journey. Nevertheless, EU capital markets still have significant room to grow.

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Russia: France strongly denounces the dissolution of the Sakharov Centre and the arrest of members of the NGO Golos

France strongly denounces the decision by the Russian judicial system to dissolve Moscow’s Sakharov Centre. A respected institution in Russian civil society, guardian of Nobel Peace Prize winner Andrei Sakharov’s legacy, the Centre fostered a space for free, committed expression through conferences and exhibitions. Since being designated a “foreign agent” in 2014, the Centre had come under pressure on many occasions from the Russian authorities.

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